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LoopWise makes your recruiting process as easy as pie by automating the tedious task of interview scheduling.

Interview scheduling made easy in 4 simple steps

Your day is too busy to juggle the calendars of your interviewers and candidates. Let LoopWise handle the interview scheduling process for you!

1. Sign up for a free trial

Sign in with your Google account and start your free trial. We won't waste your time in a sales call and you don't need a credit card to get started.

2. Invite your team

Invite your interviewers and other recruiters to your LoopWise team. They simply sign in with their Google account and connect their calendar.

3. Set up your interview loops

Configure as many interview loops as you want with as many interviewers as you like and customize the duration and number of interviews.

4. Create scheduling links

Generate scheduling links for your candidates and allow them to self-schedule based on their and your interviewers' availability.


With LoopWise, your candidates can book their own interviews after you share the unique scheduling URL with them; no more back-and-forth emails to get schedules figured out. LoopWise drastically reduces the time it takes for candidates to find their perfect timeslot and helps you hire faster.

Google Calendar integration

LoopWise integrates with your team's Google Calendar to determine the availability of interviewers, and to automatically add booked interviews. This means you no longer have to manually check the availability of interviewers and ensures your team knows when interviews are booked.


LoopWise is customizable to suit your needs. You can set up multiple interview loops with different interviewers, durations, and number of interview rounds. We also offer custom ATS integrations to further automate your interview scheduling process.

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